Furryornot Petcare service hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in Abbotsford British Columbia with various house-sitting, in home pet-sitting, and private on-leash dog-walking options to be able to meet a variety of your needs. Contact us to arrange a free consultation. 

Note: Our service prices will be increasing, effective January 1 2019 GST will now be INCLUDED in the prices listed.


We offer a range of options for busy pet parents who have dogs that need a midday (or mid-shift) pee break or walks for dogs that need extra exercise. This option is great if you have to work overtime or have a long commute, or even just to go out for the day to a special event. To qualify for the ‘My Neighbourhood’ rate you need to live in the eastern end of Abbotsford, east of McCallum Road. See below for more details.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY between 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday to Friday. 

Note: Prices listed below are subject to change.


EXPRESS PEE BREAK For a dog that just need a quick pee break in your yard or out front of your building. Note: This is not a suitable option for a dog that needs to take their time to find just the right ‘spot’. We recommend going with the Doggy Business Break option for those dogs who need a bit more time. $16 + G.S.T. for ($14 in ‘My Neighbourhood’10 minutes OR LESS Includes: 1 dog Yard time only, no walk

DOGGY BUSINESS BREAK This gives your dog a bit of time to do their business, stretch their legs, and check out what is going on outside. $18 + G.S.T. per visit ($16 in ‘My Neighbourhood’) 15-20 minutes Includes: Up to 3 dogs Yard time or a short walk (if all dogs can be walked together)


Dog walks must be on-leash and will be walked close to home, either around the block or at your dog’s favourite neighbourhood park.The dogs will be walked individually or up to 2 dogs per walk, if there is more than one dog per household. This limit is to ensure manageability, so that the dogs and dog-walker are safe and enjoy their time together. Exceptions can be made for smaller dogs or dogs that are well trained, which can be determined during the initial consultation.      – $18  for 20 minutes ($16 in ‘My Neighbourhood’       $20 for 30 minutes ($18 in ‘My Neighbourhood’)     – $25 for 45 minutes ($22 in ‘My Neighbourhood’)     – $29 for 60 minutes ($26 in ‘My Neighbourhood’)     – $38 for 1 ½ hours ($34 in ‘My Neighbourhood’)

We are a bit indulgent and like to let the dogs have a good time sniffing, eating grass, peeing on important landmarks, and just be dogs. However, if you would like us to reinforce any specific training that is important to you please let us know at the Initial Consultation and we will do our best to help!

Walks will be rain or shine, unless requested otherwise.

When it gets hotter out in the summer (25 degrees or higher) we recommend reducing longer walks to either 20 or 30 minutes or changing the time to either the morning or after dinner, depending on the dog-walker’s availability.

In extreme inclement weather, such as a snowstorm, it may be necessary to shorten the walk or cancel the walk altogether if the roads are not cleared or the sidewalks are too icy. If your dog does still need a pee break and we are able to get transportation to your place we will let them out in the yard instead.

We DO NOT offer any group walks at this time. 

Note: Our Last Minute Cancellations fees have gone up, effective January 1 2018.

‘My Neighbourhood’ RATE If you are located in eastern Abbotsford within the following area you are eligible for a reduced rate per visit or walk: east of McCallum road • south of Clayburn Road • west of No. 3 Road • north of the Canadian/U.S. border