Abbotsford, BC

Furryornot Petcare offers In Home Pet sitting, House sitting, and private on-leash Dog walking in Abbotsford and Mission British Columbia. Contact us to arrange a free consultation. Our pet visit service hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. 7 days a week.

In Home Pet Sitting for Cats and other Creatures

We visit ALL pets (cats, birds, hamsters, frogs, snakes, and more!) and care for them in THEIR own home.

We DO NOT offer any boarding services in our own home at this time. 

Daily Visits

For the safety of your pets and home, we recommend daily visits for cats and other creatures.

You can customize the schedule with the options listed below to suit your pets needs, as well as your budget.


Do you need dog sitting? Visit our Dog Sitting page for options. Dog sitting options include care for all the other animals in your home, but if you have A LOT of pets extra charges may apply to ensure every creature is happy and healthy.

Visit Times

Specific visit times for the options below are on a first come first serve basis, which we can discuss at the initial consultation or when you book your next trip. Priority in our schedule is given to dogs (who need to pee outside) and pets that require medication at a specific time (insulin, etc.).

Location and Pricing

Prices vary depending on where you live and how long we need to spend with your pets. Individual visits range from $16 to $34 per visit for cats and other creatures. The final cost will be determined by your location.

‘My Neighbourhood’ rate is for residents at the east end of Abbotsford, east of McCallum (west of Cole Rd., south of Clayburn Rd.)

An extra ‘Travel Fee’ will be applied for residents in west Abbotsford, the outskirts of Mission, and east of Cole Rd. There is very limited service and an extra fee for residents of Chilliwack east of Evans.

Visit our Service Area page to find out what price your location qualifies for.

GST is INCLUDED in the prices listed.

Note: Prices listed are subject to change.


10 minutes or less

$18 – $20* per visit

$16 in ‘My Neighbourhood’

*$20 per visit in ‘Travel Fee’ zone

(Abbotsford only)


  • 1 pet (or one tank) only
  • Cleaning up minor pet-messes and cat litter
  • Feeding and water bowl replenishment
  • Bringing in mail and newspapers

This option is great for a cat or creature who does not want any attention and will normally hide when visitors arrive. This is not suitable for cats or creatures who are very cuddly, require medication, or have any medical conditions.

Do you have more than one shy or hands-off pet?

All the following Pet Visits include:

  • Fish-feeding
  • House-sitting services including bringing in mail and newspapers and watering a moderate amount of house plants (if you have a more of a jungle see below for add-on prices)
  • Cleaning up pet messes and cat litter, spot cleaning terrariums/cages
  • Exercise and personal attention
  • Feeding and water bowl replenishment
  • Medication if needed


~ 20 minutes

$20 – $22* per visit

$18 in ‘My Neighbourhood’

*$22 per visit in ‘Travel Fee’ zone

Includes: Up to 3 pets total plus all the services listed above

This option is recommended for cats or other pets who do not like or require much personal attention. There is enough time for basic chores and a little bit for cuddles or playtime if they are willing.


~ 30 minutes

$22 – $24* per visit

$20 in ‘My Neighbourhood’

*$24 per visit in ‘Travel Fee’ zone

Includes: Up to 5 pets total plus all the services listed above

This option is good for pets that require a bit more attention, playtime, and care (medicine, extra enticement to eat, clean up, etc.).


~ 60 minutes

$32 – $34* per visit

$29 in ‘My Neighbourhood’

*$34 per visit in ‘Travel Fee’ zone

Includes: Up to 8 pets total, tank/cage cleaning, plus all the services listed above

This option is great for cats and creatures that need a lot of exercise and attention and works well for multi-pet homes or larger properties with non-commercial livestock or a hobby farm (including chickens, peafowl, geese, ducks, goats, sheep, llamas, etc.).

Package deal if your pet needs extra feedings or medication:


2 short visits per day

$36 – $40* per day

$34 in ‘My Neighbourhood’

*$40 per day in ‘Travel Fee’ zone

Full value = $40-$44*

(breakfast and dinner)


  • Up to 5 cats or small cage/tank pets
  • Breakfast visit in the morning (between 7:00 – 10:00 a.m.), ~ 10 – 20 minutes
  • Dinner visit (between 3:00 – 8:00 p.m.), ~10 – 20 minutes

Add-ons available:

  • +$2 for each additional pet above the pet limits listed
  • +$10 for each additional 30 minutes spent with your pets
  • +$10 for up to 30 minutes of watering outside gardens or snow clearing
  • +$18 for pet errand service (pet food pick up, visit to the groomer, etc.)

Note: Small animals like insects, geckos, or small birds, that live together in a tank or cage are considered 1 pet unit due to their shared food and water and minimal handling. Pets like ferrets will be counted individually due to the extra personal attention required. Any other pets that have shared food and water and do not require much personal attention can be discussed at the Initial Consultation. Charges will depend on the time needed to take proper care of the animals. If the time of care required exceeds the time limit originally agreed to additional charges will apply (+$10 for each additional 30 minutes).

Note: Our Last Minute Cancellations fees have gone up, effective January 1 2020. There will be a minimum charge of $35.00 if the visits are cancelled within 24 hours of the first visit, or if the Pet Sitter is already on their way or at the door when the visit is cancelled.

In Home Pet sitting, private on-leash Dog walking, and House sitting Services in Abbotsford, Mission, and Chilliwack BC