Resources for Pet Parents

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Resources we have used and recommend:

Pet Sitters International

Dogsafe Canine First Aid


Whole Dog Journal

Modern Dog Magazine

Modern Cat Magazine

Pet Connection Magazine

Fundamentally Feline

Extra funny and entertaining stuff:

The Dog Snobs blog

Newsletters we subscribe to and enjoy:

Fidose of Reality blog

Some Helpful Tips for you and your pets

Human foods that are dangerous for your pets:
Grapes & raisins – can cause kidney failure
Macadamia nuts – can cause vomiting, tremors
Onion, garlic and chives – can lead to red blood cell damage (cats are even more susceptible)
Xylitol, a sugar substitute – can cause liver failure
Chocolate, coffee, and caffeine – can cause seizures and even death
Pet Poison Helpline

Tips for Multi-cat homes

If you have multiple cats most experts recommend having one litter box per cat plus one extra. So for 3 cats you should have 4 litter boxes. If your cat is having litter box issues try setting up an additional litter box, change the location ( to the spot where they are going outside of the current litter box), or adjust the size of the box, and/or type of litter used. Some cats may prefer a sand or gravel type over the larger pellets, or an open box rather than one with a lid. If you are not sure which type they prefer set up a few different options and see which one is the most ‘popular’. Check with your vet if problems persist because bad litter habits could be due to an illness or other health problems.

Artwork by C. Kuryk

Information about sleep habits for your pets:

Tuck Advancing Better Sleep
How much do cats sleep?
How much do dogs sleep?

Sleep Help Institute

Everything You Need to Know About How Dogs Sleep

Other stuff we recommend checking out:

Canine Benefactors Society

PIP My Pet pet recognition app

Doggie Detail dog waste removal


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