Moxie & Ramses


February 9, 2020

Find Moxie & Ramses a home

Moxie and Ramses were one of my very first cat clients way back when I started my business. Moxie and I had an instant bond. Ramses took a bit more time to warm up to me (food and treats helped a lot!). Every time I got to take care of them again it was like seeing old friends. They were always happy to see me, and get fed too of course.

In the Fall of 2019 their Dad had a heart attack on what was only supposed to be a week trip. He spent many weeks in the hospital waiting for tests and then finally surgery. I took care of the boys that whole time. I spoke with my human client just before his surgery and his biggest worry was about his boys. They are biological brothers and grew up together and the idea that they may have to go to the SPCA and be split up was very upsetting to him. I tried to reassure him that it would not happen. To stay positive that all will go well and he will be back home as planned. However I found out he passed away the weekend he should have been coming home.

The family was unable to take the cats and were planning on taking them to the SPCA. I asked for some time to try to find them a home and tried advertising on social media but did not get any serious offers. There were a lot of helpful people but I was looking for a home where they would be loved and pampered like they were used to. So when they had to leave their apartment I took them home. At least that way they knew me and I was hoping that would help with the tough transition. It would also buy me more time to find them the perfect home together.

They have now been with me for several months and are doing fine. I have a pretty crazy work schedule and 3 cats of my own so they do not get all the cuddles and attention they would like but I try my best.

Moxie had a urinary inflammation around the time his Dad went on the trip so I have slowly transitioned them to the same food I feed Ziggy (he had bladder crystals when I first brought him home). Ramses has a bit of arthritis so I have also added a supplement to his diet for that. They are seniors and will need regular check ups too. But, they are both wonderful loving cats. Moxie is especially a cuddly pants, loves attention and hugs, as well as playtime. Ramses likes some cuddling but mostly just wants to hang out and be next to me, or his brother, as well as dinner time.

If you know of anyone who may be looking for some cuddly companions please mention Moxie & Ramses. Particularly if they like spending time at home on a comfy couch that will also fit two big cats. #findmoxieandramsesahome