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Furryornot Petcare service hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in Abbotsford British Columbia with various house-sitting, in home pet-sitting, and private on-leash dog-walking options to be able to meet a variety of your needs. Contact us to arrange a free consultation. 


Note: Our service prices will be increasing, effective January 1 2019 GST will now be INCLUDED in the prices listed.

What We Do

We visit pets in THEIR own home. The cost is per visit or walk and depends on the length of the visit, starting at $14.00 plus G.S.T.. The prices include approximate fuel used, travel time to and from, as well as the time actually spent at your home. There is a reduced rate if you qualify for ‘My Neighbourhood’ Rate (eastern Abbotsford, east of McCallum, west of No. 3 Road) – More info…


WHAT IS ‘IN HOME’ PET SITTING? The ‘In Home’ visit allows the pet to stay comfortable in the familiar surroundings of their own home, which eases any possible anxiety over the absence of their family. You can have a sense of security and relief knowing that your beloved pets are well-taken care of while you are away.

Note: We DO NOT offer any boarding services in the Pet Sitter’s own home at this time. 

CATS AND OTHER CREATURES Go to top  or Home or Cat Sitting page

We recommend daily visits for cats and other creatures. Customize the schedule to suit you and your pets.

Prices range from $14 to $45 plus G.S.T.  More info…

Package: Cat or Creature Care Day, two 10 – 20 minute visits (breakfast, and dinner, no dogs) More info…

You can also add-on time and other services to better meet your pets’ needs.

DOGS AND MULTI-PET HOMES  Go to top or Home or Dog Sitting page

We recommend at least 3 visits per day for dogs. Additional pets are included, but there is a pet limit to ensure proper care of all pets. Choose one of the packages or customize the schedule to suit.

Package prices range from $55 to $110 plus G.S.T..

Package: Doggy Visits
3 visits (breakfast, dinner, and bedtime) More info…
Overnight Package: Just The Basics
an Extended Pet Visit at dinnertime and an Overnight Stay More info…
Overnight Package: Quality Time
the Basic Pet Care Day package (includes an Overnight Stay) plus a minimum of 3 additional hours  More info…
Would you prefer to create and customize your own schedule? Choose from our individual visit options:

Prices range from $14 to $45 per visit plus G.S.T. More info…

You can also add-on time and other services to better meet your pets’ needs. More info…

DAILY DOG VISITS Go to top or Home or Dog Walking page

LIMITED AVAILABILITY between 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday to Friday.

We offer a range of options for busy pet parents who have dogs that need a midday (or midshift) pee break and walks for dogs that need extra exercise. 

Prices range from $14 to $34 plus G.S.T.


10 to 20 minutes More info…


20 to 90 minutes
The dogs will be walked on-leash only, individually or up to 2 dogs per walk (exceptions can be made for small dogs or larger dogs that walk well together) More info…

HOUSE SITTING ONLY SERVICES (no pets, except fish)   Go to top or Home or House Sitting page

House sitting services include mail pick up, security check around home, and watering plants.

Prices range from $14 to $45 plus G.S.T. More info…

These services are also included with most In Home Pet-sitting options, depending on the time left available after the pets are taken care of.


This consultation is FREE of charge (approximately 30 minutes) at your home, by appointment. This is necessary for all new and potential customers and ensures that we have a chance to meet your pet and understand their needs in order to provide the highest level of care possible. We will discuss what the pet’s daily schedule is like, special care that may be required, and any questions you may have about the services we offer. We can then assess which visit options will work best for you and your pets.

Before the consultation is over we may take any dogs in your home on a short walk so they can get more familiar with us, and to assess their manageability.

For house-sitting only clients, we will discuss your expectations, any specific instructions for your plant care, garbage day schedules, etc.

'My Neighbourhood' RATE Go to top or Home 

If you are located in eastern Abbotsford within the following area you are eligible for a  reduced rate per visit or walk:
 east of McCallum road
• south of Clayburn Road
• west of No. 3 Road
• north of the Canadian/U.S. border

The value of hiring a Certified Professional Pet Sitter includes:

- Giving your beloved pet the comforts of their own home.
- Providing personal one-on-one attention.
- Providing personalized care: We learn what the pet likes, does not like, and strive to meet their individual needs and keep them comfortable and safe.
- We provide a customizable and flexible schedule for a variety of situations.
- We are reliable because we truly care about your pets welfare.
- This is our job, which we love, and we are dedicated to doing our best every day. 
- You can trust us! We have a business licence and liability insurance should anything go wrong, we provide notes about your pet while you are away, and we continue our education through Pet Sitters International and other organizations to learn better practices and provide the best level of care possible for your beloved pets.
- Finding the right Pet Sitter gives you the freedom to travel or go out for the whole day and know your pets are well taken care of!

Visit for more information on the certification and standards we value.


In Home Pet-sitting, on-leash Dog-walking, and House-sitting Services in Abbotsford B.C.