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Furryornot Petcare offers In Home Pet-sitting, Dog-walking, and House-sitting services in the Abbotsford area of British Columbia, Canada. Contact us to arrange a free consultation. 

My name is Jennifer, petsitter and owner of Furryornot Petcare. The services of Furryornot Petcare are available to you when you need them, and we promise to provide reliable loving care to your pets while you are away. References are available upon request.



In 2011 I completed the Certified Professional Pet Sitter program through Pet Sitters International, www.petsit.com, which includes training about the needs of a variety of pets, pet health, nutrition, first aid, and more. The knowledge gained by this training has been invaluable, and should provide peace of mind knowing that you are leaving your beloved pets with a Certified Professional Pet Sitter.




I completed Pet First Aid training with St. John Ambulance, www.sja.ca, in the fall of 2011. This training is useful for all pet owners, and provides practical experience and knowledge on how to help your pets in emergency situations, until you can get your pet to a veterinarian.

In the summer of 2012, I completed a dog handling course, Working with Dogs, through Custom Canine Teaching Ltd., www.customcanine.com.

In October 2014, I took the Dogsafe Canine First Aid course through Cedar Valley K9 in Mission, www.cedarvalleyk9.ca. I highly recommend this course for dog parents and other pet professionals!

In the fall of 2017 I completed recertification as a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International, www.petsit.com. This is required every 3 years, and I was very happy to pass this important hurdle.


Furryornot Petcare is bonded and insured through Binks Insurance Brokers Limited, www.binks.ca, so you can rest assured that your property and beloved pets are in safe hands while you are away.


I started this business because of my dog Clyde. Luckily, Clyde and I had always had a parent, roommate or someone trustworthy to watch over him when I was away. But, as times changed, we grew older, and people moved away it became more and more difficult to find a good reliable pet-sitter and Clyde and I suffered because of it. It was a very frustrating time.

Clyde passed away a few years ago, but I will not forget our experience and the seed of this venture was firmly planted during that time. Over the years, friends have approached me to care for their pets, because they know they can rely on me. While they are away they can rest assured that their pets are safe and doing well. So, I thought, why not provide a service that is obviously needed in my community? This is my dream job and I am making it a reality.


I have been a pet owner since I was three. First was our cat Sissy, I was a very determined three year old and would not stop pestering my Dad until he agreed to let us keep her. She often brought us ‘presents’ from her nightly excursions, she loved fresh peas from the garden, and was just a beautiful, awesome cat.

100_0320Then there was Clyde. When I brought him home as a puppy my Mom asked if he would get any bigger, which I did not clearly answer (since it would be obvious enough later!). He loved to eat my Mom’s flowers, go on long hikes, and food (his or other’s). My life kind of revolved around him really, and we had some wonderful years together. I miss him terribly.

IMG_5008Then there is Hal the Cat, who I ended up with after going out to lunch with a friend. His owners had to move away and he was passed from home to home for various reasons. I was not sure if Clyde would be keen on living with a cat but I brought Hal home anyways. There was a bit of a rocky adjustment period which involved my favourite t-shirt being shredded and lots of barking but eventually they got along wonderfully (or at the very least Hal was tolerated). He loves watching the birds outside, climbing everywhere, catnip, and cuddling. I love him dearly.

In 2016 I met Ziggy (Ziggy Startdust officially, named by his rescuers who have good taste in music). He was a stray that a client took in so I got to meet him while pet sitting. Unfortunately when they tried to integrate him with the rest of the pets it became clear that they should find a home for him and they contacted me. I had been thinking of getting a second cat as a companion for Hal so I was willing to bring him home. It was a long process, including splitting my home into Ziggy’s side and Hal’s side for months, but they are now comfortable with each other. Hal remains unwilling to cuddle with Ziggy, and Ziggy decides to tackle Hal in an unpredictable manner, but they cohabitate well otherwise.

I volunteered at the Greater Vancouver Zoo, www.gvzoo.com, from 2006-2015 and spent some of my volunteer time working in the Vivarium there. I have had the privilege to be able to assist a keeper on occasion with handling and feeding some of the reptiles and other animals, which has given me a greater appreciation for the less furry creatures of the world. Admittedly, I was absolutely terrified of snakes and cockroaches when I first started, but I slowly overcame my fears and enjoy handling the snakes now whenever I get a chance. The cockroaches were a bit harder for me, and I still consider it a work in progress! Some of the more exciting tasks I have helped with over the years include feeding the hippos and grizzly bear.

For several years I worked casually at Fairfield Kennels in Chilliwack, www.fairfieldkennels.com. It was a wonderful experience and made me realize how much fun it is to work with animals every day.

I volunteered for Angel’s Animal Rescue in Merritt, www.angelsanimalrescue.ca, from 2011 – 2013, assisting them with fundraising promotions and social media. This is a worthy cause that I got involved with through a friend. Some of the horrible cases of neglect and abuse that they have dealt with just break my heart. They have been able to rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for so many dogs, and I am very proud to have played even a small part in their continued success.

In the fall of 2011, I volunteered for two weeks at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehab Centre in South Africa, www.moholoholo.co.za, and had a chance to work with a variety of birds, a rhino named Dela, big cats, and more. It was the experience of a lifetime!

MurphyFor approximately 6 months in 2013 I fostered Murphy, a dog from AAIDD (Adopt an Indian Desi Dog) rescue in Abbotsford, petfinder.com. It was a good experience, where we worked on leash reactivity and being happy and playful. My cat Hal was not impressed though and was happy when Murphy got adopted into his forever home.

I look forward to meeting more animals and to continue learning all that I can in the near future.


The poop pick-up bags regularly used by Furryornot Petcare are biodegradable. We have also used recycled paper for our invoices, business cards, and some other marketing materials.


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